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Thailand distributing digital money to 45M citizens to boost economy

The controversial plan began as a campaign promise and will help lower-income Thais buy more. Source link

BTC price to retest $72K as Bitcoin sets up $7B liquidation showdown

Bitcoin traders continue to look higher after a cooling-off period sees BTC price support stay firmly in place. Source link

Why Biden’s exit from the elections briefly pushed Bitcoin price to $68K

Biden’s exit from the presidential race helped Bitcoin recover, but analysts expect the decision to cause more uncertainty in the…
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THORChain founder and his plan to ‘vampire attack’ all of DeFi

After posing as an anon girl for six years, THORChain’s founder is now waging war against the “slow rugs” of…
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Craig Wright’s colleague tried to stop court case — He didn’t listen

Christen Ager-Hansen told Cointelegraph that he warned his former colleagues, including Craig Wright and financial backer Calvin Ayre, against going…
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Bitcoin investment fund opens doors to EU citizenship

A new fund offers a way to gain citizenship in Portugal by indirectly investing over $500,000 into Bitcoin. Source link

Ferrari to launch crypto payments in Europe after US success

Ferrari debuted cryptocurrency payments for its cars in the United States in 2023, partnering with a major local payments provider,…
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European Investment Bank calls for more ‘innovation’ financing in EU

A new European Investment Bank report highlights the need for increased innovation financing in the EU to maintain tech leadership…
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Franklin Templeton eyes Solana ETF after Ethereum success

Franklin Templeton will keep exploring more assets to back new spot cryptocurrency ETFs, including those based on Solana. Source link

Kraken finishes Mt. Gox Bitcoin distribution, but creditors aren’t selling BTC

Mt. Gox creditors aren’t selling their Bitcoin, despite preliminary concerns that 99% of them could be looking to offload BTC.…
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