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Ferrari to launch crypto payments in Europe after US success

Ferrari debuted cryptocurrency payments for its cars in the United States in 2023, partnering with a major local payments provider,…
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Franklin Templeton eyes Solana ETF after Ethereum success

Franklin Templeton will keep exploring more assets to back new spot cryptocurrency ETFs, including those based on Solana. Source link

Mt. Gox creditors opt to hodl Bitcoin payouts — Reddit poll

As the Mt. Gox trustee has yet to distribute 64% of the Bitcoin owed to creditors, the Reddit Mt. Gox…
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Missing words in a seed phrase: How many are recoverable?

Remembering and deliberately missing a few words from a seed phrase backup is not a good idea, as one can…
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Bitcoin self-custody comes to the masses with new ‘crypto ring’

Tangem’s hardware wallet is now being designed as a ring to encourage daily cryptocurrency transactions and boost the adoption of…
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Are crypto cards still a thing in 2024? Industry weighs in

Self-custody and Lightning Network integrations are anticipated to drive the next milestone in the development of crypto cards. Source link

Mainland China to ‘unban’ Bitcoin? Community says ‘unlikely’

Mainland China has repeatedly banned certain activities related to Bitcoin, but it has somehow still remained a major player in…
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Binance finalizes sale of majority stake in Gopax — Report

Binance is preparing to reduce its 72.6% stake in the Gopax exchange to as low as 10%, according to local…
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Crypto adoption in Argentina soars amid 276% inflation spike

Argentina has emerged as the top market on Binance — one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges — in terms…
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Exodus Passkeys wallet brings crypto control to any app

The Exodus Passkeys Wallet allows users to set limits on transactions while ensuring that users have full control over their…
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