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Coinbase, SEC spar over investment definition in appeal attempt

The SEC is evading the real issue, and the court was wrong to take its side, Coinbase claims in a…
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CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act passes US House in partisan vote

The potential misuse of the CBDC technology trumped arguments about innovation or even good legal drafting. Source link

US lawmakers demand SEC-FINRA records on Prometheum ETH custody

Prometheum’s willingness to play along with the SEC’s ambitions for crypto regulation has stirred disapproval in many quarters. Source link

Binance.US wins appeal to reinstate Florida money services license

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, a state appeal court told the Florida Office of Financial…
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Casper Labs, IBM launch Prove AI auditing solution on watsonx platform

Blockchain-based Casper Labs will integrate with “wastonx.governance” to provide enhanced security, access and versioning. Source link

Bipartisan bill for blockchain competitiveness passes US House

The Deploying American Blockchains Act of 2023 gives the Commerce Department a role in advancing blockchain technology. Source link

Ghana, Singapore conduct trade in semi-fungible token pilot project

Project DESFT is meant to encourage trade between small businesses using a CBDC and a stablecoin, with an emphasis on…
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US Treasury strategy would tighten virtual asset regs, increase use of AI

Better regulations, greater enforcement and AI are going to be the focus of the Treasury’s fight against illicit finance. Source…
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'Crypto King' Aiden Pleterski faces fraud, money laundering charges

Pleterski and an associate were arrested months after multiple investor complaints and months of police investigation. Source link

SEC tries again for Debt Box suit dismissal with option to refile

The SEC says case dismissal without prejudice is “normally granted” when a plaintiff requests it, but the court has criticized…
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