Author: Cointelegraph By Jillian Godsil

Bitcoin Investing Made Simple!

Influencing behavior, making money – Cointelegraph Magazine

Economics is the study of human behavior involving scarce resources — and the effects those behaviors have on those resources,…
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Here’s how they can win – Cointelegraph Magazine

Gaming is now one of the most profitable sectors of the entertainment industry, with consumer spending in the United States…
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Secrets of the founders – Cointelegraph Magazine

Cointelegraph Magazine talks to some of the leading Metaverse founders to discover their secret sauce for Web3. Featuring co-founder of…
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Gen Y can use tokens to get on the property ladder – Cointelegraph Magazine

The explosive combination of blockchain and physical assets is making a real difference in how young people can access traditionally…
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Maren Altman is a star – Cointelegraph Magazine

Are future prices written in the stars? Meet Maren Altman, presciently named for cryptocurrency, who combines astrology and day trading…
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Despite the bad rap, NFTs can be a force for good – Cointelegraph Magazine

Crypto is like a double-edged sword, one good piece of news is followed by ten bad reactions. It’s like being…
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