Author: Cointelegraph By Andrew Singer

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Does a Fed digital dollar leave any room for crypto stablecoins?

During Jerome Powell’s Jan. 11 United States Senate confirmation hearings, Sen. Patrick Toomey posed a question to the incumbent-and-future Federal…
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Will US regulators shake stablecoins into high-tech banks?

Regulators around the world have been thinking seriously about the risks associated with stablecoins since 2019 but recently, concerns have…
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The biggest winners and losers of the crypto industry in 2021

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry experienced explosive growth in 2021, particularly in its decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible token (NFT)…
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Deputizing blockchain to fight public corruption

Puerto Rico recently announced that it may be looking for a blockchain solution to fight government corruption, particularly after a…
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US infrastructure law could brace up digital assets — but first some fixes

Back in August, there were some dire warnings about what the Biden Administration’s proposed infrastructure bill might do to the…
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